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Leataata is a holistic wellness centre for the whole aiga (family) - from newborns to elderly, and everyone in between. 

Learn Samoa Language and Culture here in Massey.

Leataata Tupulaga Preschool, Education and Wellbeing Hub has been providing total immersion early learning services to the Samoan community of West Auckland for more than 20 years. Established in 1993,

We run a Early Childhood Centre (Total Samoa Immersion) for children from 1 year to 5 year olds. 

Talofa Lava

We provide Pacific children and their families after school support programmes, literacy and numeracy programmes for parents, and work in partnerships with local Primary and Secondary schools.  We provide adult learning opportunities and intergenerational programmes for children and their grandparents. 

Our wraparound Wellbeing support for families help our children to make the most of their learning opportunities.  This includes having food available, financial literacy, driver’s license support, parenting support, older people’s support, and language and culture initiatives aimed at strengthening families and keeping our Pacific languages alive.

Our Services

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Aoga Amata Preschool

Soifua Manuia 

Leataata Aoga Amata is a Total immersion Fa'asamoa Language Nest.  The immersion of Samoa Culture and Language is the focal to ensure that our children have a Samoa foundation to work on going forward in their A'oa'oga/Education. 

It takes a whole village to raise a child.

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Leataata Tupulaga Trust works in partnership with Fair Foods Trust. We distribute good food to our Community on a weekly basis. The food supplied is food destined to be wasted because of 'best used by dates'. These boxes of food have been really helpful to our Leataata Community. 


Food Hub Partnership

Leataata Tupulaga Trust runs a afterschool homework centre at Leataata Wellbeing Hall for students who have siblings attending the Leataata Aoga Amata.  We have trained qualified Teachers who assist students with their Literacy and Numeracy studies.  Tuesday and Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm


Tinifu Homework Centre

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Leataata Tupulaga runs programmes for young parents particularly targeting Men.  These workshops are designed to help guide/ assist men to lead their families.  


Tamaloa Tautua

Leataata Tupulaga run wellbeing days for our Aumatutua/ Elderly at Leataata Wellbeing Hall.  We believe in the proverb 'It takes a whole village to raise a child' and our elderly are an important part of helping with our preschool children and their cultural understanding. More infor


Aumatutua/ Elderly

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