What to expect and provide


circle children


Meals are provided at the Centre. A list of the menu is on display.

Each child will bring a fresh fruit everyday. Please don’t bring any chips, cake, or lollies as these cause problems between the children and later health problems. Keep them for birthday parties!

Fruits are for their morning tea and biscuits are for afternoon tea.


circle children


A complete change of clothes. Disposable nappies and wipes for under 2’s. Bring some spares if your child is toilet training.

Please send children dressed in suitable, washable play clothes.

During the winter months, please provide woollen hat, warm cardigan / jumper, gumboots, socks and a pair of slipper for inside wear. In summer, please provide a sunhat, sun block, a named drink bottle, shorts etc.

Please check the lost bin regularly. We like to receive spare plastic bags for dirty clothing.


circle children

Sun Hat Policy

All children must wear a hat on sunny days. Please apply sunscreen lotion before arriving, more will be applied as needed. Children who do not have a hat may have to play inside.


circle children

Toys From Home

Personal toys can easily be misplaced or damaged, as such the centre cannot accept responsibility Children should be encouraged to leave their own toys at home. Items of interest should be encouraged instead.


circle children


All medicines to be given to children must be entered into the medical book, signed by the parent or guardian, be clearly labelled and handed to the staff for storage. Staff will sign after administration of medicine. Medical Information is to be stored and parents will be informed if the child is not well during the day.

Children with bad colds, coughs, diarrhoea, measles, chickenpox or infectious diseases of any nature must not be brought to the centre unless they are cleared by the doctor.